ZEK (2012)

An exhibition of objects marking ZEK’s 11,8 year jubilee — Abandoned bomb shelter, Ljubljana / 2012

Wanna Seat? (2012)
holes in chair

Heads or Tails? (2012)
mixed media

Stag Party (2012)
horn, metal, cork and a bit of wine

What Right? (2012)
sheet metal

Space Jesus (2012)
mixed media with lobster

KEZ (2012)

Cream Cakes (2012)

The Dark Reverend (2012)
wood, acrylic paint, polyester mini

Intergalactic, Planetary, Planetary, Intergalactic (2012)
Rotring 0.5mm on dark paper

Allen (2011)
polymer clay, acrylic paint / property of Sproščeni četrtek collection

Let Them Be (2012)

Scribble (2007)
scribble / with Martin Šoštarič

God Balls? (2012)
God’s balls on ceiling

CX (2012)
stainless steel, Sugino bolts

Multiply (2012)
print on foils / photo Vladimir & vladimir

The Matter of Space is Only a Matter of Time (2012)
iron zero point

Ψ (2011)
mixed media / with Martin Šoštarič & Andraž Tarman

Bricks (2012)
graphic series

Perfect Balance (2012)
acrylic paint on ferroconcrete

ZEK (2004)
mixed media

YOLO (2012)

Was (2012)
stump, ghost / with Marko Marovt

19,69×19,69×19,69 (2012)
spray on canvas

Book Of Impressions (2012)
book, impressions

Bad (2012)
stamp, chain

Photos of the artworks by Tilen Sepič

Enfant terrible of the Slovenian design scene, the ZEK Crew, burrowing through the interspaces of contemporary art, street art and design, set up an exhibition in May 2012, a sort of a retrospect , marking their 11.8th jubilee. The works, displayed in a bunker, were crafted in a do-it-yourself fashion of artistic avant-gardes of the previous century.

Although the auratisaton of the group is just a euphemism for branding, this process cannot be repudiated, but, evidently, public visibility does not exclude quality of expression. So what do the conceptual jokers have in store this time around? The dramaturgy, linking the chambers of the bunker, which abounds with a new, uomo universale-like approach and a focus on three-dimensionality, once again reflects their elusiveness and perfectionism. Defined by clarity of surprisingly palpable ideas, bound into their own pop-internet era, they are poetic in tangibility and incorrigibly inclined to absurdity, the banal, vulgarity, cynicism, satire, irony, and verbal-visual witticisms. Whether a mark of superiority, a hedonistic experience, an outlet for the unconscious or a tool of sexual selection, humour sheds a personal light on the object, rendering it unequivocally familiar, cathartic, and often better than cautious argumentation. A socially specific phenomenon, it helps forge and enhance ties, but can equally be a source of tension in a communicative relationship. The incongruity between the expected and the real demands the immediate abandonment of typical roles and the conventional ways of thinking. The ZEK Crew insists on this humorously unhindered, but potentially subversive, Weltanschauung. Baldessari summarizes it best: They will not make any more boring art.

— Lara Plavčak


Photos from the opening by Lucijan & Vladimir