We’re the ZEK Crew ;)

Let's review the facts here: six graphic and one industrial designer, an architect and a mysterious honorable member. Although most of them are related to the same alma mater (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana), there is more schooling seen from ZEK's output than input. Its prowess and specifics lie in its drive to continuously reflect the contemporary world, its awareness that nobody can properly comment on culture without at the same time creating it, and its ability to apply relativity to aspect and context. Conventions get broken because they are being surpassed, not because they cannot be met. Although precise concepts and technical perfection are never questionable, ZEK is mentored by the muse of relaxation (lat. Relaxia). The comments mostly target all that is transitory, vague and mediocre. Supporting what was just said, ZEK prefers to deliver a substantial zero rather than an indefinite something. This visual collective records everything that goes on outside our frame of perception in a humorous way. What you see is a selection from a wild depository of top notch cultural articulation, worth every bit of your attention.